The NSPC executes research for, and functions as an intermediary between, government entities and academic institutions. We take on research projects in a variety of policy areas.

Past Performance

  • The NSPC authored two influential reports for CIA on the Intelligence Community’s research and development requirements. These projects contributed directly to the establishment of CIA Labs.
  • Sponsored by the Minerva Research Initiative, the NSPC created and host the Militant Group Alliances and Rivalries (MGAR) Database for the DOD: a systematic accounting of the scope, causes, and consequences of violent non-state actor relationships.
  • The US Army’s National Ground Intelligence Center commissioned “Defining the Gray Zone,” a report to create a universal definition of gray zone activities.
  • Research: Defense Intelligence Agency survey of the biosecurity ecosystem
    • Identifying gaps and overlaps in monitoring
    • Biothreats assessment
    • Response process and procedures
  • Research: Deterrence & Threat Perception

Ongoing Projects

  • Research: China’s Global Influence
  • Research: Military and Democracy
    • Mass Democracy and the Expert Military
    • Extremism and the Military
    • Renewing Military Leadership and Civic Responsibility
  • Research: Defense Intelligence Agency Biocomplexity Project
    • In partnership with UVA’s Biocomplexity Institute
    • Bioinformatics project on novel analytics to address national security issues