Our People

At the NSPC, we are committed to advancing knowledge in the national security field.


Our students come from diverse backgrounds with a united interest in addressing difficult national security challenges. They attend our workshops and are deeply engaged in all center activities.

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Faculty affiliates at the NSPC are distinguished scholars drawn from within and outside of the University of Virginia. They represent a broad range of research areas and bring their cutting-edge work to the classroom and policymakers.

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Policy Affiliates

Our policy affiliates are seasoned national security professionals who work collaboratively with faculty to prepare students to become national security leaders.

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NSPC Fellows spend a semester working closely with center affiliates, faculty, and leadership. The fellowship relieves PhD students from around UVA of a semester of teaching in order to provide them with the time and resources required to pursue policy-relevant research.

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Our vibrant staff coordinate the day-to-day operation of the Center.

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