Education & Training

The NSPC trains students and highly qualified professionals from across the US government and select international partners who are interested in developing knowledge and analytical skills in the area of national security. Opportunities range from a full Masters of Public Policy (MPP) degree to short courses and workshops on strategy, foreign policy technologies, problems, and assessment.

National Security Classes

Our courses are taught by distinguished faculty who are committed to supporting students’ academic success.

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Innovating for Defense

Innovating for Defense (I4D) is an interdisciplinary course that gives students the opportunity to work on actual national security problems. Through collaboration with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), student teams use structured problem-solving skills and conduct interviews with DoD stakeholders to develop solutions to real-world policy challenges.

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Government Training

The NSPC provides short-term training programs for highly qualified U.S. and foreign government officials. Our training programs are designed to provide participants with the required skills and knowledge to deal with difficult national security problems.

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