Our Partners

The National Security Policy Center cultivates partnerships around UVA, academia, and the national security community. Let us know how we can work together!

Biocomplexity Institute

From the smallest molecule to the world’s most populous city, human life is extraordinarily complex. Biocomplexity uses the power of computation and the combined expertise of transdisciplinary teams to pose and answer some of humanity’s thorniest questions as they play out over space and time, informing policy and producing new knowledge about life itself.

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Humanitarian Collaborative

Bringing together faculty, staff, and students from across Grounds with community and humanitarian partners, the UVA Humanitarian Collaborative is the heart of the Global Policy Center’s work. Find out more about how we’re addressing the world’s pressing humanitarian and development challenges.

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Karsh Institute of Democracy

The University of Virginia’s Karsh Institute of Democracy is committed to addressing the urgent challenges facing democracy today and creating a future where democracy’s aspirations and its reality are unified. The institute focuses on three interrelated pillars that shape the meaning and possibilities of democracy: democratic culture, laws and institutions, and social and economic conditions. Through innovative approaches to research, teaching, programs, and partnerships, the institute actively engages in public conversations and aims to influence the agendas that shape a thriving democratic future.

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Global Infectious Diseases Institute

The Global Infectious Diseases Institute (GIDI) brings together over 100 UVA researchers who are invested in combating infectious diseases worldwide. GIDI has collaborations on six continents and are engaging local and global communities in infectious disease research, from fundamental mechanisms of disease, to diagnostics and treatment approaches and their appropriate implementation.

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Cyber Innovation and Society Institute

The mission of the Cyber Innovation and Society Institute is to carry out multidisciplinary research and education initiatives that focus on the complex technical, social and policy challenges posed by emerging cyber innovations to ensure that cyber technology benefits all of society equally, fairly and dependably.

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National Security, Intelligence, and Defense Club

The National Security, Intelligence, and Defense Club (NSID) is a Contracted Independent Organization at the University of Virginia. Its goal is to help students who are interested in national security. This ranges from learning about different national security challenges present in the world today to advice and networking for those interested in pursuing a public sector career, and a forum where students can meet others who share similar interests and passions.

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