Batten Expert Chats: “Repression and Political Violence in China” with Philip Potter

Apr 07, 2021 / 12:00pm

Within the past few years, the Chinese government has become increasingly repressive, especially in its treatment of ethnic minorities. Chinese officials show extreme sensitivity to both external criticism and internal unrest. Tightened censorship, mass surveillance, large-scale detentions, and the dismantling of cultural institutions have all accelerated under the country’s current leadership.

While the changes are horrific from a human rights standpoint, they suggest that China is becoming a much more normal autocracy. In the latest edition of Batten Expert Chats, Phillip Potter, a professor of foreign policy and international relations at the Frank Batten School of Public Policy, will discuss his research into this shift. How and why is the Chinese government changing, and what are the implications both for the country’s Muslim minorities and the globe? Join the conversation on Zoom.


Apr 07