Hon. George Foresman Appears on CNBC to Discuss the Impacts of Hurricane Ida on Louisiana and the U.S.

NSPC Executive Director, Hon. George Foresman, joined CNBC’s Squawk on the Street this morning to discuss recovery efforts in areas hit by Hurricane Ida.

“Probably the next 12 to 24 hours are really going to be the emergency response – the search and rescue, assessing damaged areas [and] beginning damage assessment process. And frankly, the nature of every crisis event is the first information is usually wrong and it’s going to be another day or two before we have a real scope and scale on the complexity of what the hurricane has done,” notes Hon. Foresman.

“We are on the front end of what is going to be some service interruptions to our energy supply market and also multiple days of continuing impacts of the storm as it works its way up the east coast.”

Watch Hon. Foresman’s full interview here.