Hon. George Foresman Talks U.S. Pandemic Preparedness

The National Security Policy Center Executive Director, Hon. George Foresman, shared his thoughts about the current coronavirus situation and the government’s response to the disease in a recent ABC News article titled “Governors were warned of a pandemic years ago, told to stockpile. Why didn’t they do more?

Foresman stated that states look to the federal government for support during a pandemic and that the Strategic National Stockpile, a federally run program within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, was created to handle a limited “series of regional events,” not “a full-scale, border-to-border crisis.”

Foresman also noted that there are valuable lessons to be learned from COVID-19. “There’s a lot of tragedy in this pandemic,” he said, “but one of the positive things that comes for societies in the aftermath of a crisis is that they are better prepared for the next event when it occurs.”

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