A Discussion of Cyber Threats, Civil Liberties, and National Security with Admiral Mike Rogers

Cybersecurity remains one of the nation’s pressing security challenges. Individuals, organizations, and governments often find themselves the victims of cyberattacks. As technology rapidly evolves, so does cyber-threats, making it increasingly difficult to eliminate future cyber-attacks.

As a school of leadership and public policy, Batten, in particular, the National Security Policy Center recognizes how cybersecurity affects policy and why it requires a more nuanced understanding. In order to facilitate productive discussions on these topics, the National Security Policy Center, in partnership with the Cyber Innovation & Society Institute, hosted a series of talks with Admiral (ret.) Mike Rogers, former NSA Director and Commander of CYBERCOM. Admiral Rogers retired from the U.S. navy in 2017 after 37 years of service, where he achieved the rank of four-star admiral.

On September 25, 2019, Admiral Rogers met with UVA faculty and students in a privately held meeting situated in the North Oval Room of the Rotunda, to discuss challenges and research in cybersecurity and intelligence, and how it informs and shapes national security policy. In the afternoon, Admiral Rogers joined an audience of 150 people in the Rotunda Dome Room for an open conversation regarding issues similar to the topics he addressed with his private audience. Batten Professor Phil Potter, also Director of the National Security Policy Center, moderated the discussion.

If you are interested in watching and listening to the discussion again, or were unable to attend, you can access the live recording of the event here: