NSPC Summer Internship Program

The NSPC Summer Internship Program offers students the opportunity to gain work experience and develop skills while contributing to the Center’s mission. Interns work alongside national security policy professionals, making significant contributions to projects that address pressing national security challenges. Our summer internship program runs from May until August of each year. Interns receive compensation for their work.

To learn more about our 2021 summer interns, scroll below. For additional information and details about how to apply, click here.


Sella Connaughton

Stella Connaughton is a fourth-year double majoring in Public Policy and Leadership and History. She is currently working on a federally sponsored project that analyzes mechanisms and tools that the federal government uses to conduct and contract research. She is also writing a paper on the effectiveness of private-public partnerships.



Isabella (Ella) Berg

Isabella (Ella) Berg is a public policy major at UVA who aspires to develop creative policy solutions to national security concerns. At the NSPC, she is working on a project that seeks to develop research management solutions to allow intelligence agencies to better meet future needs. Through her work, Ella is developing a deep understanding of the interplay between the intelligence community and the private sector.



Hallie Griffiths

Hallie Griffiths holds a B.A. in Foreign Affairs and Spanish from UVA and is currently pursuing an MPP at the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy. She has written memos on outer space institutions as well as developments in commercial space activity. Hallie is currently working on two individual projects. One involves compiling information about satellites in orbit to create meaningful visualizations of the rise in frequency and type of space activity over time. The other is an analysis of the role of non-state actors in the establishment of norms in outer space.


Michael Kerns

Michael Kerns is a fourth-year undergraduate student from Alexandria, Virginia. He is double majoring in Public Policy and Leadership and History and minoring in Latin American Studies and Environmental Science. Michael is interested in understanding the private space sector and how private space actors exert normative influence in space. He is also interested in the ability of international organizations and treaties to regulate the dynamic New Space Age effectively. His current research looks at the rise of new space actors, particularly Brazil, and their navigation of ongoing great power competition in space.


Joseph Kratz

Joseph Kratz is a second-year from Falls Church, Virginia, studying foreign affairs and economics. He is interested in issues related to conflict prevention, developmental economics, and human rights protection. His work at the NSPC involves analyzing archival intelligence documents to better assess the role of intelligence during the Cold War era.



John (JC) Sipher

John (JC) Sipher is from Reston, Virginia. He is majoring in history and foreign affairs at UVA. This summer, JC is building a database of more than a decade of the President’s Daily Briefs as part of a research project that analyzes the influence of intelligence community assessments on presidential decision-making. He and his team hope that findings from this project will help illuminate the critical role that intelligence plays in supporting national security objectives.


Matty Stanley

Matty Stanley is from Buena Vista, Virginia. She is interested in diplomacy and security cooperation and is researching the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (also known as the “Quad”). Matty’s research examines the economic and military relations between Quad members, the Quad’s relationship with China, and similarities and differences between the Quad and other international alliances such as NATO. She hopes that her research will contribute to national security and further our understanding of the Quad’s strategic objectives.


Caleb Tisdale

Caleb Tisdale is a second-year MPP student from Martinsville, Virginia.  He is interested in nuclear non-proliferation and climate policy. At the NSPC, Caleb is researching how the intelligence community can best create and mitigate strategic surprise. He is also involved in other initiatives, including participating in interviews with subject matter experts.



Alice Valioulis

Alice Valioulis is a rising fourth-year from Thessaloniki, Greece. She is double majoring in Foreign Affairs and Public Policy and Leadership. Her current research focuses on the future of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, China’s strategic interest in the Indo-Pacific region, and the diplomatic interactions between the U.S., Australia, India, and Japan.