The National Security Innovation Network (NSIN) Technology & National Security Fellowship



The Technology and National Security Fellowship is an opportunity for technologists and entrepreneurs to serve their country by embedding with key decision makers at the top levels of the U.S. Government to help advise on the critical intersection of national security and technology.


The Technology and National Security Fellowship recruits applicants on an annual basis for a Fellowship placement, which occurs from August-August each year, beginning with the inaugural cohort from August 2020-August 2021. NSIN recruits Fellows with STEM backgrounds and technical expertise to be embedded in the offices of key decision makers at the Department of Defense and on Capitol Hill. Throughout the yearlong program, Fellows will directly support policy makers and their immediate staff to help provide technical expertise and advice to a variety of critical subject areas. TNSF is open to U.S. citizens with an undergraduate or graduate degree in a STEM or STEAM field. Participants can possess a diverse skill set ranging from software development to policy research.

Host Offices

The Technology and National Security Fellowship is meant to address a technological knowledge gap that the offices of most top-level policy makers face. In Congress, Fellows will be placed in the member offices or embedded with committee staff of one of the four relevant defense committees across both chambers of Congress. Fellows assigned to the Pentagon will be
placed in the offices of senior defense officials in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, or in the offices of senior leaders throughout the Military Services. Once selected, Fellows will be placed in an office that best fits their unique skillsets.

Key Dates for Current Cohort (August 2020-August 2021):

April 6, 2020: Application Window Opens
May 1, 2020: Application Window Closes
May 29, 2020: Fellows Notified
July 2020: Fellows Matched with Host Offices
August 10, 2020: Fellowship Begins

Application/Next Steps

Interested applicants can apply by visiting
For more information, or to learn how to host a TNSF Fellow, email