NSPC Students Publish White Paper on the Impact of Covid-19 on International Relations

NSPC Student Affiliates, Eryn Meyer and Connor James, have published a white paper titled “The Implication of the Covid-19 Pandemic for the Global Order.” The study, which was an offshoot of the NSPC Summer Internship Program, analyzes how the pandemic is having dramatic effects on international relations, particularly in the areas of trade and world politics.

The authors explain that in addition to the mounting fatalities and differing government strategies to contain the virus, the coronavirus pandemic has precipitated an increase in democratic backsliding and authoritarian grip on power. In other words, the crisis has made it easier for autocrats to subvert democratic principles by delaying elections and persecuting perceived political opponents. The study predicts that in a post COVID-19 era businesses and governments will adopt policies that will boost trade and open up markets to reduce risk.

Click here to download the full paper.